Sven Clement

The Pirate Party MP speaks about co-founding a political party, his convictions, and leading from the opposition.

Sven Clement discusses his decision to join the Pirates, geeking-out on ‘obscure internet forums’, entrepreneurship, and the role of the opposition, upholding the rule of law, and the role of media and the 4th estate in our democracy and public discourse.

Clement is one of 2 Pirate Party MP’s in Luxembourg’s Chamber of Deputies, and one of the youngest, and his party is currently popular in Politmonitor polls, potentially claiming up to 6 seats in October.

In this episode, Christos asks him about the time he took the government to court, and the role of media in Luxembourg and Europe for social cohesion, and fighting misinformation and influence from third-parties.

Next episode coming March 7 2023.