How green is our data storage?

How green is our data storage?

Do you even know where your data is stored? Which city? What's the electricity cost? 'Edge' data centres might be the answer...

This week we talk about a topic which is not yet hitting the headlines: the exponential increase in the electricity footprint of ICT this decade.

Do you know where your data is stored? Or how much energy it costs to 'transport' data? The electricity footprint of ICT in 2030 could be 51% of global electricity and contribute up to 23% of globally released greenhouse gas emissions. This can be broken down to show that data centres account for about one third of this, and data transport another third.

Herein comes the idea of an 'edge' data centre, much closer to the place it's needed.

My guest, Philippe Rechsteiner is CFO of Dataqube - the world’s first standalone 5G-ready Edge Data Centre System. Developed by researchers in Cambridge, they have relocated the HQ to Luxembourg.

In this conversation we talk about why Edge Data Centres are better for the environment. But we also talk about entrepreneurship in Europe compared to America. How easy is it to raise money here? Why do Europeans seem so risk adverse?

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