Work / Life balance doesn't exist


Summer is a time when many of us take a holiday, change the scene, pause, breathe and reflect on the direction life is carrying us.

Many people find themselves on a treadmill of life, having to provide for family or themselves, hand-cuffed to jobs that pay the bills but don’t fulfil them inwardly. And so, the role of a career or life coach is more sought after than ever before, as more of us seek to find contentment with our work.

My guests are three such coaches. Dr Keith Amoss specialises in working with expats looking for a career change. Françoise Falisse is a life coach specialising in interculturality and the AEC Disc Colour Method. She launched her podcast, Women Abroad, in 2020. Lyndsay Whitby was born and raised in Zimbabwe, but immigrated to the UK when he was 22. After the same number of years working in the aircraft maintenance industry, he pivoted to becoming a life coach. Lyndsay works on more awareness and support for boys, fathers and men.We discuss what career or life coaching is and why it’s important to give time to thinking about our life’s direction and purpose.

Keith Amoss explains why he doesn’t believe in a work / life ‘balance’ and provides tips to change if you feel unhappy at work. Keith believes that it’s never too late to change career.

Françoise Falisse supports primarily women abroad, who face different challenges when thinking about identity, cultures and careers whilst moving around the world.

Lyndsay Whitby believes he has grown naturally into his role as a mentor and coach for boys, teens and men. He feels that spirituality and our core values play a core role in how we develop as people, plus we need to be aligned with those values to prosper in ourselves and with others.