50. Sexting is on the increase

50. Sexting is on the increase

Chatting with Tim Pauly from the Luxembourg Police, we learn how to protect ourselves and our homes from criminals, from burglary to cyber crime.

Tim Pauly, a First Commissaire with the Grand Duchy's Police Department, has worked as a police officer for 20 years: the first fifteen in uniform as a patrol officer and the last five in the national prevention team.

In this conversation we learn about the Police-App, which includes the "My Safe" function. This allows you to save photos and information on your valuables, such as a bicycle, which simplifies complaints (if they are stolen or damaged) and a potential restitution process:


If you're going on holiday you can inform the police here:


For more general information on different aspects of crime prevention, including (cyber-) mobbing, scams and other internet evils check out this page.


There's an e-Police station, which allows you to fill out various more common forms, such as filing a criminal report, incidents and the like:


How to contact the police:

Social media links: all @PoliceLux
Twitter - you can DM the police
Facebook - Messenger
Instagram - Message

For general questions, you can contact the police via e-mail: contact@police.public.lu

or using this form: https://police.public.lu/fr/support/contact.html

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