Lisa Burke explores topics pertinent to Luxembourg life with special guests who live in, work in or pass through the Grand Duchy.

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24. Five Ts with Lynn Frank
Lisa Burke explores topics pertinent to Luxembourg life with special guests who live in, work in or pass through the Grand Duchy.
11/01/2021 (16m)

24. Five Ts with Lynn Frank

Lynn Frank takes us through the winter armed with five 'Ts' to help our mental and physical well-being: individually, as a family and a community.
10/01/2021 (0m)

Lynn Frank's Contagious Laugh

A tease to tomorrow's podcast with Lynn Frank of Her wonderful laugh is like audio sunshine to help brighten these chilly days.
05/01/2021 (18m)

Linklaters Magenta on air Daniel Danso

04/01/2021 (21m)

23. Bored? A competition, where everyone's a winner!

The National Young Scientists (Jonk Fuerscher) competition is now open (ages 11-21) so get your entries in before 12 February!
14/12/2020 (23m)

22. Build Back Better

CEO of Luxembourg For Finance, Nicolas Mackel, chats to Lisa Burke about the importance of the financial sector here.
07/12/2020 (23m)

21. It's winter - wear colour!

Florence Lemeer-Wintgens and Solveig Ellefsen are two ladies who dared to career hop 'mid-life.
29/11/2020 (10m)

20. Be prepared!

"Don't leave it too late!" advises British Ambassador to Luxembourg, John Marshall.
23/11/2020 (47m)

19. Jean-Claude Juncker: a political panorama

Jean-Claude Juncker's Luxembourg office overlooks the Gelle Fra war memorial and the city's silhouette beyond.
16/11/2020 (40m)

18. Hatred is a contagious, destructive disease

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, nominated five times for the Nobel Peace Prize, lost three daughters & his niece just four months after he lost his wife.
09/11/2020 (33m)

16. "There is no zero risk society"

Alain Kinsch, the outgoing Managing Partner of EY Luxembourg, reflects on life at the top, ambition and legacy.
02/11/2020 (42m)

15. Learn what it takes to get into the acting world - liste

Niharica Raizada was raised in Luxembourg to Indian parents. She runs her acting ambitions in parallel with her translational medicine life.
26/10/2020 (27m)

15. Life and Law in Luxembourg - tackling the rental market

How much money do I need to secure a rental property? Can I put pictures on my wall?
23/10/2020 (15m)

14. British Ambassador launches book for #LuxUKLinks

Want to learn more about what links Luxembourg to the UK? John Marshall has dedicated a lot of tenure to collating these stories.
19/10/2020 (45m)

13. Luc Frieden - the leader that never was?

Luc Frieden served in Jean-Claude Junker's government for 15 years until his party, CSV, were ousted from power.
12/10/2020 (22m)

12. Ambitions of an Iron Woman

Sophie Margue lives a parallel life: professional photographer and champion athlete. Talking to Lisa she discusses future aims and how she fits it all in.
05/10/2020 (23m)

11. Reduce Reuse Recycle

Discussing plastics, recycling & a circular economy, Lisa Burke is joined by social impact entrepreneurs Leslie Maliepaard and Bernard Merkx.
28/09/2020 (23m)

10. Changing Costs to Studying in the UK post Brexit

UK Universities remain a popular choice for Luxembourg students. However, costs will hike in the next academic year due to Brexit for some EU students.
21/09/2020 (26m)

9. Why is insurance so expensive in Luxembourg?

Marc Lauer helps to dissect the world of insurance for people living in Luxembourg, with Lisa Burke
14/09/2020 (37m)

8. Prof Dr Catherine Leglu -Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Prof Catherine Leglu arrived at the University of Luxembourg in 2019. Her first year as Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs saw the challenges of COVID-19.
07/09/2020 (43m)

7. Paul Schonenberg: the man behind AMCHAM

Native New Yorker, ex-military, Paul Schonenberg has made Luxembourg his home for the last 28 years.
31/07/2020 (38m)

6. Digital Ethics

Sergio Coronado of the Luxembourg Tech School, and Nathan Summers, a student of cognitive science at UCLA talk to Lisa Burke about digital ethics today.
31/07/2020 (27m)

5. It's 'No Big Deal'

Creating their start-up through COVID, Daniel Klemetz & Nigel Bergstra discuss 'No Big Deal' - the app which rewards customer well-being with discounts.
24/07/2020 (23m)

4. Exploring the 'wild west' of Luxembourg

Fons Jacques is the manager of the LEADER project for 'Atert-Wark' - the part of Luxembourg which encorporates Saeul to Rambrouch.
24/07/2020 (42m)

3. Exploring art with an artist and MUDAM

Artist Jean-Marie Biwer is currently exhibiting in MUDAM. Here, he talks to Lisa Burke about his work with the Director of MUDAM, Suzanne Cotter.
15/07/2020 (23m)

2. Want to be an entrepreneurial woman here in Luxembourg?

15/07/2020 (25m)

1. The man behind the Wurst: J.P. Gomez