Science Festival

Science Festival

The biggest science event in Luxembourg is open once more! An opportunity to spend the day with real researchers, experiment and learn new ideas.

The Science Festival in Luxembourg started in 1995 and this year will mark the 13th edition. It was started by the former Director of the Museum, Norbert Storm, who was inspired by the very famous Science Festival in Edinburgh.

The idea was to promote science within the museum and to showcase that museums can be fun! Now it’s a huge event, where science communicators meet the public, present their own projects to the public and there are plenty of activities for all age groups.

The FNR joined as a funding partner in 2003. The Science Festival fulfils one of the four pillars of the FNR to promote science to the public.

Nowadays the Science Festival is the biggest science event for the public in Luxembourg, attracting 10 to 12,000 visits in a normal year.

Researchers engage with the public and get feedback. It’s a wonderful two-way communication channel. And afterwards families return and often keep the conversation going at home.

The Science Festival runs from 11-14 November. The first two days will be for school visits. This year more than 400 schools registered but only about 160-180 can get a space due to Covid (and fewer workshops - 45 rather than 65).

The main festival at the weekend, is a Covid Check event and people must register.

One of the four pillars of the FNR is to Promote Science to the Public. There is funding available for anyone who has a strong idea and wants to apply for this PSP awards.

My Guests
Patrick Michaely, Director of Communications and Public Relations at the National Museum of Natural History since it re-opened to the public in 1996.

Jean-Paul Bertemes - Head of Science in Society for the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) and the chief editor of

The National Museum of Natural History houses scientists and naturalists who study the specimens in the collections, devoted to the scientific aspects of our natural heritage.

Perhaps it’s not so well known that it is also a research institute, where science and culture are completely interwoven.

The FNR is the main funder of research activities in Luxembourg and also has a mission to promote science to the public.

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