The Picky Picky Cherry Picking Theory

The Picky Picky Cherry Picking Theory

And 'Why Why Why?' with Rick Serrano. Plus Didier Goossens and Emily Iversen talk about LetzSCIENCE and RestART Beirut.

Rick Serrano melds his love of philosophy with his work as an international public speaker and executive coach.

With an MBA from the Harvard Business School, and a certified coach by the University of Cambridge, Rick helps people crystallise and aim for their dreams.

In this show Rick talks through some tips to get us all motivated to reflect back on 2022 and think about what we want to achieve for 2023. You might already know that writing a list down and framing it, so that others can hold us accountable is a wonderful approach.

Rick also suggests we think about the Japanese Ikigai diagram - an ancient wisdom to maximize our potential.

Towards the end of the year people often reflect back on their life that year. Rick gives us some inspiration on how we can create our personal plans for 2023. He encourages us to ask 'deep why's' (i.e. why, then another why, and another after that), daring to dream big.

Rick makes us think about the time wasted on trivial and unnecessary chat on negative things: 'efficiency obstacles', steering us towards more worthy uses of that finite quantity of time we have on earth.

What gives us energy? Who gives us energy? That's where we should focus our time and thoughts.

Rick definitely puts our most valuable asset, time, to great use. Aside from his 'professional' work, Rick is an avid philosopher, having studied it at various universities over the last 12 years.

Rick is also an artist and has an upcoming exhibition at the Austrian Embassy in Luxembourg on 11 January 2023.

If you want to explore his work more, you can do so on Serrano's YouTube site, read his book Next Destination, go! or learn more about the fabulously titled 'The Picky Picky Cherry Picking Theory'.

Rick is also a founding member of The Luxembourg Freedom Initiative, a non-profit fighting modern slavery.


Didier Goossens, Head of Communication at Luxembourg's National Research Fund, FNR, and Emily Iversen, Digital Communication Manager at the FNR talk to us about their augmented reality app, letzSCIENCE, to help the general public understand (FNR financed) public research projects undertaken here in Luxembourg.

Dider also talks about a different project he co-founded in 2020. RestART Beirut is an organisation that strives to protect and preserve Beirut's cultural heritage by emphasising education and fostering strong academic collaborations in this field.

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