41. Housing - how to buy in Luxembourg

41. Housing - how to buy in Luxembourg

Tackling one of the most topical subjects in Luxembourg - the housing market. In my first podcast of this mini-series, we discuss how to buy a home.

Why buy in Luxembourg?

Over the last decade, house prices in Luxembourg have soared. It's been an incredibly dynamic market. Lucky for you if you bought before 2018, but since then the percentage increase has been in double figures. What's going to happen in the coming years? We will discuss that in this and coming episodes.

How do buy in Luxembourg?

That we discuss here. We dig into the costs, the tax credits and state aids available. Whether to buy new, old or off plan. What are the future town planning ideas? The effect of the fast tram which is meant to be ready for 2027 from Luxembourg city to Belval.

Online portals to view homes

The main three are:


Also, make yourself known to estate agents in the area you want to buy in!

My guests

Here, I chat with Pierre Clement, managing director of Nexvia, and Vincent Quillé, managing director of Nexfin.

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