45. Housing under Destruction

45. Housing under Destruction

Peter Kleijnenburg and Karin Waringo talk about the loss of Luxembourg's architectural heritage.

Peter Kleijnenburg set up the facebook group "Luxembourg Under Destruction - Mir wëllen hale wat mir hunn" in 2019 after witnessing so many beautiful homes being demolished. Prior to that, he had started taking photos in 2014 of the destruction.

Karin Waringo, a member of the group, has always been active in saving Luxembourg's housing heritage. She is deeply interested in retaining the heritage internally too - the craftsmanship in woodwork, tiles and other features which provide a living history.

We talk about many different aspects of why it makes sense to keep the older buildings: environmental, social and historical reasons. We compare with Housing Protection schemes abroad.

"Whole cities and villages completely lose their character.
We constantly live in a construction site.
Entire streets been demolished."

In this conversation, I also talk about some of the poignant stories which have been written in to me. Please keep them coming!

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