53. Luxembourg Fashion Week

53. Luxembourg Fashion Week

Now in its third year, Sven Klees talks to Lisa about what to expect at Luxembourg Fashion Week, the concept store and its new location.

Luxembourg Fashion Week, started by Dany and Fabi at the Fashion and Design Academy. This year it will be held in Dudelange (Hall Fonduq), opening night on October 2nd, and tickets are still available!

If you can't make the big night itself there will be a pop-up store selling the same outfits from the designers in Dudelange that week, until 10th October.

Sven Klees talks about his internship with Luxembourg Fashion Week as part of his masters in Theatre and Interculturality at the University of Luxembourg. https://www.instagram.com/master_twik/

We also chat about the circular economy and how they source models. Is there a change in the shape, age and general diversity of models?

Sven also has his own podcast which you can hear here: So Dach Eppes!

Fashion week Tickets:

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