In Conversation With Lisa Burke

In Conversation With Lisa Burke

62. Bazar International

It's back! With products and produce from around the world, the Bazar International will open its doors once more at LuxExpo this weekend.

A much loved, pre-Christmas event, the Bazar International will be open from the evening of Friday 26th (when not all the stands will yet be in full-flow) through to Sunday 28th November. Don't forget to register (for free) to gain access as numbers have to be capped for Covid-safety.

This event showcases stands from various countries whose residents are living here in Luxembourg: their food, drinks and various items from those countries.

As usual, the Grand Duchess, Maria Teresa, will visit on Saturday afternoon, and after visiting the various stands, she will do a book signing. Earlier this month her book, A Sovereign Love, co-written with Stéphane Bern, was published. All proceeds will go to her non-profit organisation, Stand, Speak, Rise Up, which denounces rape as a weapon of war.

Charity stands at the heart of the Bazar International. Each country's stand chooses their own charities to support, which are global in nature. Once the costs of hiring the venue, utility and moving overheads are paid, all profits from everything that is sold is divided between the charities. The entire organisational committee, and all the people who work on the stands are volunteers.

My Guests:

Carmen Decalf, President of the Bazar International Organisational Committee
Charlotte de Vreeze-Nauta, Head of PR for the Bazar International
Mars di Bartolomeo, Member of Parliament and President of the Parliament's Health Commission.

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