64. Anne Faber - the chef next door

64. Anne Faber - the chef next door

"Mary Berry ate my tart and it didn't have a soggy bottom!"

The joyous and colourful Anne Faber talks about her delectation for food, food journalism, her Advent Instagram supporting local business, and what she'll be cooking for Christmas. Plus, we want to hear YOUR recipes for the holidays!

From camembert wedges with cranberry sauce whilst camping, food has always brought joy to Anne's life. Now, as the most famous (and only?) TV Chef in Luxembourg, her books and shows share that passion.

Anne's down-to-earth charm and creativity is beguiling. But this energy also shows a deep commitment to hard-work and her innate intelligence.

Anne works very hard, London hard, where she spent 12 years. Firstly as a student, doing the 'safe' studies of English Literature at UCL (University College London), followed by a postgraduate degree in Journalism at City University, London, specialising in food and drink writing.

As a producer at Associated Press (AP) she was beginning to feel rather burnt out when serendipity played a part in her literally walking into the then editor for Time Out London's Food and Drinks section. And so, after a short internship, she got the job as restaurant critic, where she "ate her way around London".

In parallel, Anne continued to work as a TV producer for ZDF and RTL Germany (from London), and in 2010 started her food blog Anne’s Kitchen, which was awarded a Digital Food Award by Food & Wine magazine in the US in 2013.

During her time in London, Anne applied for the first series of The Bake Off and got down to the final 20! And happily adds, "Mary Berry ate my tart and it didn't have a soggy bottom"

Back home, Anne's Kitchen has flourished. Anne has many culinary strands but the main ones remain TV and writing books. She takes inspiration from her travels, and when that's not possible, can travel the world in food through instagram!

In her library of cookbooks, Nigella's prose is the type she most respects for its literary finesse.

Having trained under Alain Ducasse in Paris in 2015, Anne's knowledge is solid, but when constructing her own recipes, she is conscious of how much effort her readers are likely to put in, plus what ingredients are available to us here. And more recently, Anne has been ever more thoughtful about how to use up leftovers so that there are none.

We want your recipes for Christmas and the holidays!

I know that many of you who listen are from lots of different places around the world. We would love to hear from you! What are your favourite Christmas or holiday recipes? How do you celebrate. What are your traditions?
Send us some recipes and photos and I'll make sure Anne sees them too!

Anne's details:

Anne's TV Show

Anne's books

'Flavours of Home'
'Tastes of Luxembourg'
'Home Sweet Home - My Luxembourg'
'Barcelona, Istanbul, Berlin' (winner of the Luxembourg Book Prize 2015)
'Anne's Kitchen - British food with a twist' (winner of the Luxembourg Book Prize 2014)

Anne's Wine:

Anne has her own wine, Anne’s Pinot Gris, created in collaboration with Domaine Caves Desom. Her Luxembourg-shaped cookie cutter keeps inspiring people to bake little Luxembourg cookies at home.

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