70. Infertility Treatment

70. Infertility Treatment

Do you know how fertile you are? Infertility affects one in six couples. We talk about the highs + lows; the costs, literally, emotionally + physically.

Infertility is not uncommon and yet the conversation is still rather taboo.

Here I talk to Virginie Vast, Head of Procurement for Europe at Amazon, and Zenia Dutta Roy, founder of Les Sûtras in Luxembourg. They discuss their infertility treatment years, the importance of support, and the ways in which they coped.

Some highlights of this conversation:

- listen to your body
- put a time limit on how many rounds you will try
- find your support group
- men need support too
- think about the adoption process in parallel
- don't wait too long to get your fertility checked (even if you're single)

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https://lessutras.com/ - Zenia's shop in Luxembourg.