Letz Talk Sport #106

Letz Talk Sport #106

With Guests Arron Lemon, Christophe Ostolani, Caroline Dominici, Karim Mati and Anthony Perez

Letz Talk sport #107 Scott is Joined by guest Arron Lemon as we talk to Terres Rouges from Dudelange. Christophe Ostolani, Caroline Dominici and Karim Mati brings us up to speed.

Why do they play in Red? Find out on tonight’s show. We talk about the club forming in 2017 and looking forward to 2025!

Arron takes the lead as we look into the recent merger between the PGA and LIV Golf.

Pub Quiz team is forming nicely.

Anthony Perez gives us the BGL transfer news round up and a look back at Luxembourg vs Lichtenstein.