Letz Talk Sport #129

Letz Talk Sport #129

Guest Luc Weis from the x3m Snooze triathlon team is rather distant from your typical short-course triathlete. Exciting sports conversations filled with surprises continued throughout the episode as hosts Nathan and Scott led the way, unveiling captivating sports discussions, valuable insights, and an exclusive glimpse into Luc's world. The show began with our customary blend of sports and history, covering the hottest topics in the sports world, from global events to the outcomes of our men's national football team and the promising U-21s. Scott and Nathan, true to their style, broke down the highlights for you.
Luc's journey to the top hasn't been without its share of challenges. He recounted a hilarious incident on the Velo summer roads involving a bike accident and the infamous TT barriers. We also heard about some common obstacles that is a reminder that in triathlon, you must be prepared for anything.
The boys delved into Luc's rich biking background, both on the road and in cyclocross. and we learned how it influenced his triathlon career. He also shared with us info of his upcoming challenge in Portugal and shared the invaluable lessons he's learned along the way.