Rocklab Pop-Up Sessions #3 with The Grund Club

The Grund Club performing for Rocklab Pop-Up Sessions!

A series of high quality audio and video recordings capturing the energy, interaction and emotions essential to a live performance. Find out more:

The Grund Club:

The Grund Club has made its entry in the Luxembourgish music landscape with the concept of bringing professional musicians and emerging artists together by focusing the musical output on a catalogue of songs made in Luxembourg. By promoting and encouraging artistic exchange, by giving songs written by Luxembourgish artists the room the be rediscovered by musicians, artists and audience alike, the Grund Club is a “grassroots musical movement” complementing the lively local music industry! Rocklab, as a resources & information center, talent incubator and creative space for bands & artists is providing the Grund Club with a new home base and the perfect conditions for the project to keep growing.

00:00​ Intro
00:47​ Tomorrow's Far Away
05:53​ Feel Free to Cure Me
12:16​ Sadness
16:28​ Self-Control


1. Tomorrow's Far Away
Written by Kid Colling, performed by Dan Mailliet

2.Feel Free to Cure Me
Written by IRINA, performed by Priscila Da Costa

3. Sadness
Written by IRINA, performed by Marc Welter

Written by Remo Cavallini, performed by Fabian Lauer

Filmed by SKIN (
Recorded by Tom Schneider (Rockhal)
Mixed by Frédéric Museur (Rockhal)
Mastered by Marco Schneider
In 2020

Intro music: "CMA sound short" by Florian Sundas