Rocklab Pop-Up Sessions #10 with Bartleby Delicate

Bartleby Delicate performing for Rocklab Pop-Up Sessions.

Filmed at neimënster, with the support of and in collaboration with

1. Winter's Dark
2. Deadly Over You
3. Sleeping Song

All songs written & performed by Bartleby Delicate.
Vocal arrangement & choir direction by Claire Parsons.

Special thanks to the choir: Nico Blitgen, Julie Colin, Michel Heisten, Jana Herold, Gilles Hoffmann, Lisa Mertzig, Lena Müller, Tom Papillon, Max Romeo, Stéphane Schmalen, Charlie Theis, Liss Walisch.

Filmed by SKIN (
Recorded & mixed by Tom Schneider (Rockhal)
Mastered by Marko Schneider