QUICKIES #4 A propos de Zurich

Locked up in her new appartement in Zurich, the director discovers the city through her parent’s super 8 films shot in the city 50 years earlier.

When the director moved to Zurich in 2020, a general lock down is implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Isolated in her new apartment, she discovers the city through the super-8 footage filmed by her parents in Zurich in the 1970th. In the form of a visual postcard, the director talks to her mother who lived in the other side of the city some 50 years ago.

Realisatioun, Montage, Stëmm
Julie Schroell

Julie Schroell
Brigitte Metzger
Marco Schroell

Pascal Karier

Digitalisatioun Super-8
Centre National de l‘Audiovisuel
Victor Panchère

Sound Postproduktioun
Roll Studio
Mike Butcher

Produzéiert vun
Filmreakter asbl

Mam Support vum
Film Fund Luxembourg

A Kollaboratioun mat
Les Films Fauves
Wady Films