How to predict the Future, Architecture & the Arch Summit


Futurist Liselotte Lyngsø is joined by architect Carole Schmit and Kenny Graham, CEO of Tomorrow Street, to talk about trends of the future.

This week, as always, Sasha Kehoe starts the show with a reflection of the week's news. We start with the ever-present heaviness of developments in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis.

Other stories include how NASA can now deflect asteroids; ex-Luxembourg spy Frank Schneider and his involvement with OneCoin; the University of Luxembourg's movement up the World University rankings, and controversy in the Alaskan Fat Bear Week competition!

Futurist Liselotte Lyngsø

Liselotte is one of the top futurist's in the world and will be here in Luxembourg next Wednesday, for the British Chamber of Commerce’s futuristic Leadership Forum on: Leading Towards the Success of Tomorrow.

Her job is trying to extract real transformations from noise in the news of today. Liselotte really wants us to be able to create the future, to democratise this skill, and not leave it to the decision-makers. She hopes that we, the people, can be empowered to act.

Currently she's working with the defence arm of the Denmark government. But what is defence these days? Gas pipes, wifi, traditional defence...?

With Deep Fake, Liselotte gives some positive perspectives on this technology - to bring back to life someone who has died in Iran to send the messages to the people in power.

We're moving into a 'precision age' and Liselotte explains the strength in this to give us maximum investment. Evidence shows that the most important aspect for education is the teacher. If more people cycle, it will save the government money in terms of healthcare. We should put our energy in a dynamic way so that we don't 'pick the winners too early'

We have a responsibility to learn for life. Lectures are not planned for our minds. In a 45 minute lecture we only retain about 2%.
Evidence shows that staying at home to work is not good for on-boarding. University evidence shows that creating a caring community, a shared kitchen for students, increases results.

Architect Carole Schmit - Petite Maison

Carole Schmit is an architect at the Administration des bâtiments publics, managing large-scale public projects on behalf of the state. She was a guest lecturer at the University of Luxembourg for 4 years in for their Master in Architecture. Carole founded Polaris Architects and has been nominated, exhibited and published in local and international media.

In this conversation we talk about the construction of 'Petite Maison' at the University of Luxembourg, Belval.

Carole talks about the trends in construction, the move towards circularity, a new paradigm shift in architecture design and how it's so important to start from a common set of values. When teaching students from all over the world, she works with them to connect architecture through storytelling.

The Arch Summit - Kenny Graham

Kenny Graham has been the CEO of Tomorrow Street since July 2019, which is a Joint Venture between Vodafone Group, a global telecoms business, and Technoport, Luxembourg’s technology business incubator. Tomorrow Street is focused on attracting innovative young tech companies and tech talent to Luxembourg and scaling their technology across Vodafone’s global ecosystem.

In this chat we talk about the upcoming Arch Summit and all the wonderful speakers, being held at LuxExpo on 26 and 27 October.

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