"Become comfortable with discomfort"


Join Lisa and her guests for a round up of the week's news with Sasha Kehoe, emotional flexibility and deliberate calm with Dr. Jacqui Brassey, and fencing with our national champion Flavio Giannotte.

As always, we start the show with a look back at the week's news with Sasha Kehoe, news presenter from The Sam Steen Show.

Dr. Jacqui Brassey talks about her own personal story which took her through another degree and research on how to deal with anxiety, burn out, imposter syndrome and all associated feelings.

She looks at the science of how our bodies deal with stressors and what tools we can use to cope more effectively. We talk about emotional flexibility and how to lean into what we are thinking and feeling.

Jacqui Brassey is McKinsey’s chief scientist and the director of research science for the firm’s People & Organizational Performance Practice. She’s also an affiliate leader of the McKinsey Health Institute.

Her books, Advancing Authentic Confidence through Emotional Flexibility and this year - Deliberate Calm: How to Learn and Lead in a Volatile World are available now! All proceeds go to Save the Children.

Fencer Flavio Giannotte is five times the champion of Luxembourg and in the top 100 fencers in the world. As an elite sportsman he talks to us about the need for acceptance and mental confidence as he trains for the Olympic Games 2024.

If you want to know more about fencing you can visit the free international fencing tournament on November 26 and 27 here in Luxembourg.

The club where Flavio trains, Escrime Sud, offers three months free training for 7-15 year olds if you're interested in trying out the sport.

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