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Do you know what a Cordwainer is? What about the most popular girls and boys names in Luxembourg in 2022? Or the ten most commonly bought cars here?

Happy New Year dear listeners!

Hope you all had a restful holiday period, and had time to reflect on what type of 2023 you might want. Let's hope it can happen.

This week we have the return of Sasha's reflection of the week's news. We chat about the New Year speeches of Zelensky, Putin and Bettel. Bullying and ghettoisation are two topics in the news regarding school life in Luxembourg. Harry's constantly in the news recently, with the upcoming release of his book 'Spare', although Spanish publishers have already released it. Amazon will cut 18,000 jobs globally - something that may well hit the high Amazon work-force here in Luxembourg. Do you know the most popular girls and boys names for babies born in Luxembourg in 2022? How about the top 10 most popular cars bought in Luxembourg?

How to follow your fashion dream

Liz Breuer, 100% Luxembourgish, wanted to study fashion from a young age. However, the traditional school system of Luxembourg didn't fully support that, given that fashion or any related industries are not part of the 'normal' school curriculum here. (Ermesinde does teach differently - more self-opted project based work with a myriad of options. Arts et Métiers is another school option for non-traditional learning).

Nonetheless, Liz pursued her dream; went on to study at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, remained there to work with a variety of well known brands, and has now co-founded her own marketing agency, the New Normal Bureau. This agency is focused on digital communication and sustainable progression for brands and organisations.

Cordwainer Laney Jane MacCormack

Laney MacCormack trained as a cordwainer (shoemaker) at the London College of Fashion, where she went on to be a guest lecturer.

Since living in Luxembourg over the last five years, Laney has continued her work with artisinal, bespoke shoe-making, handbags and other leather products. The off-cuts of this work she uses for headwear, which has become even bigger sale-point.

Laney also gives personalised crafting sessions. She has worked closely with the Migrants in Fashion programme sponsored by the European Commission. And is a member of 'The Lux Tribe of Mad Hatters'.

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