You can vote! Register today!


Why is it important to register for the municipal elections? Minister Corinne Cahen, Serge Wilmes and Michèle Schilt tackle this question.

On my show this week we dig into why it's important (nay - imperative) that we register to vote in our municipal elections. I'm joined by Minister Corinne Cahen, Minister for Family Affairs and Integrations, and Minister for the Greater Region; Serge Wilmes, first Alderman in Ville de Luxembourg; and Michèle Schilt, Deputy Director of the Zentrum fir politesch Bildung (Centre for Citizenship Education).

Minister Cahen talks passionately about the I Can Vote campaign. She is doing all she can to raise awareness around why we should vote, and actually, it's mandatory in Luxembourg. The ministry has put huge effort into trying to educate citizens on how to vote, why it's important and what change it can effect. You can find out more on the Letz Vote site, Integration in Luxembourg, the official website on elections in general by the Government, statistics on elections and more information about the political system in Luxembourg.

Serge Wilmes is young, vibrant and hugely energetic about working for the City of Luxembourg. He is full of ideas of how to improve a city he clearly loves and is very open to the international community who make up, by far, the people who live in the city.

Michèle Schilt tells us about Super-Wal-Kiermes, a fairground stand that focuses on democratic principles, elections and the responsibilities of a municipality through fun and thought.

So, as they all said, register to vote today and make your voice heard!

You can find out more on these websites:
Link to the campaign: (official website on elections by the Government) (statistics about previous elections here: (information about the political system in Luxembourg)