Building the Brooklyn of Luxembourg & BIFFL


Ville de Differdange has hopes to follow Brooklyn's path to being a city for artistic endeavour & the British & Irish Film Festival is upon us!

Ville de Differdange has big ambitions: to become the 'Brooklyn of Luxembourg'. After being an industrial city historically, Max Felten is driving it forward to become a hub for artists and entrepreneurs. As City Manager and Chief Economist for Ville de Differdange, Max brings a wealth of his own experience to his dreams. Felten started life as an Investment Banker in New York, followed by moving into the fashion industry in London. He speaks with great honesty about his time in both cities and how he's working to revitalise the city he loves.

Natalia Wrona and Céline Lacroix are two women who have benefitted from Ville de Luxembourg's help, now setting up their businesses in the city. Natalia is a make-up artist and photographer, and Céline is a baker who set up her business during covid. Check out their wonderful instagram pages!

The British & Irish Film Festival Luxembourg season is about to start: 19 - 24 March. As always, Geoff Thompson has been scouring various film festivals across the isles of Ireland and Britain to find films and documentaries worth showing here in Luxembourg. This year there will be a spring and autumn festival. Geoff has found a sprinkling of films in Irish (with English subtitles) and actor Lorcan Crantich will be present to chat about three of the films he stars in.

As ever, Sasha Kehoe brings us a reflection of the weeks' news.