Metin Hara - holistic healing


Do you think it's possible to heal yourself? Metin Hara has worked hard to develop a set of esoteric skills combined with modern medicine to help us help ourselves.

Metin Hara was born in Istanbul with a genetic blood coagulation disorder due to a factor 8 protein deficiency along with allergies to 1200 things! With so much sickness to contend with as a child and frequent hospitalisations, Metin decided to control his illnesses himself from the age of 12.

A family friend guided his healing abilities from the age of 15. Metin has continued to add to his esoteric journey by exploring many other teachings, alongside becoming a physiotherapist at Istanbul University. This choice was deeply influenced by the physiotherapists who helped Metin's father walk again following a terrible car accident.

Along the way, Metin also became a successful actor to fund his education, deemed Most Promising Actor in the International Ankara Film Festival in 2008 as one of the leading actors in the film “Listen to the Nay” released in 2007. This work, no doubt, helped his current work as a public speaker to cumulatively thousands of people.

Nowadays, Hara mostly spends his time giving private sessions and seminars, and writing books. His first book, The Path, is the first of the Invasion of Love trilogy, sold more than 100,000 copies within three months and remained on bestseller lists for eight months. The second book, The Breath came out in October 2016, and in March 2018 his 3rd and 4th books were launched: Action For Goodness and Science For Goodness. For any life he touches, Metin plants a tree or adopts a dolphin. In April of 2021, Metin released Dandelion and the Wind, Turkey’s first interactive inner journey novel.

If he were to have a mantra it would be, "Whatever you are doing, make the best of it".