"You're as healthy as your spine is flexible"


Yoga, Cider Day and Youth Camps in today's show with Lisa Burke, plus a look back at the week's news.

My guests this week are Isabelle Thill, owner and teacher at Exhale Yoga; Carlo Hein, founder and president of the board at Ramborn Cider Company; Vicky Koster and Louisa Guarda who are National Junior Representatives of CISV. And, of course, Sasha Kehoe who gives us a reflection of the week's news.

First Yoga Conference in Luxembourg

I first met Isabelle Thill a few years ago when I was encouraged to try her yoga classes. Isabelle is someone you don't forget. She exudes zen, great beauty, poise and flexibility one could only hope to achieve in their lifetime. Since then, Isabelle has lived in South Africa, Paris during covid times, and has now returned to Luxembourg.

Covid altered teaching conditions (and income) for many yoga teachers as people frequently take classes online now. As someone who has always travelled the world to discover new yoga styles and teachers, Isabelle is now bringing that expertise to Luxembourg.

The first Yoga Conference in Luxembourg will be held on 15, 16 and 17 of September with much more besides yoga: music, meditation, lectures, massage, healthy lifestyle seminars and vegan cuisine.

Ramborn celebrates World Cider Day

Ramborn Cider company has developed award winning artisanal ciders from local apples, pears and even quince. The company is committed to working sustainably and to continuing the heritage that Luxembourg once had for cider-making.

Carlo Hein and his family have been working in the sustainable construction sector and renewable energy sector since 1996 with their company Becolux. They built the first windfarm and first open solar park. Committed to good business practice, Ramborn Cider company is one of the first B Corps in Luxembourg too.

World Cider Day will be celebrated on June 3rd and symbolises the start of the apple cider season. You can celebrate at Ramborn, where they'll have cider-making masterclasses, a DJ who will incorporate natural sounds and can also make cocktails, tours of the Cider Haff, food and fun for all the family. Naturally there will be cider tastings, plus the first 'Cider Pong' tournament in Luxembourg.

CISV - a youth organisation to build global friendships

Vicky Koster and Louisa Guarda joined CISV through word of mouth. Sadly, due to the decline during covid, the Luxembourg CISV chapter is at risk, and these young students came to tell us the great worth of this initiative.

Have you got a gap in your summer plans and you're aged 11 upwards? Well then it's worth getting in touch with CISV to look at what they have on offer, not just for summer, but throughout the year.

The idea is to connect people around the world and help develop great global citizens of the future. Their events are organised depending on age, from global villages to youth meetings, 'step up' and seminars. They provide amazing opportunities to travel too! Get in touch to see what's going on this summer.