Job seekers, trailing spouses' network and polo!


Job seeking? What ADEM can offer, plus MBA at Liège Luxembourg & IDCN for a new network. Plans for the weekend? Try Luxembourg Polo Club 10th Anniversary.

This week I have a packed show!

Ever walked past an 'ADEM' building and wondered what it is? Well, director Isabelle Schlesser, its director tells us all about this organisation which helps job seekers and also employers. Isabelle explains that unemployment is not as low as one might suspect in a country such as Luxembourg. About one third of job seekers are Luxembourgish, one third are Portuguese and one third are 'all the rest'.

ADEM is open for registration to anyone with Luxembourg residency and they have great links to training resources such as languages and IT skills. Mario Della Schiava tells us about the seven agencies around the country and the advantages of being registered with ADEM.

Inès Baer, Head of ADEM's Data Department, talks through the situation of the labour market, which jobs are most common and those that have the greatest shortages. ADEM have worked directly with the Digital Learning Hub to create precise training courses to fill the needs of Luxembourg's job market.

Ageism in the job market does exists

People aged 45+ find it harder to get jobs and language skills are also an issue, with French and English being the most asked for requirements on the Luxembourg market.

Isabelle advises that the hopeful new legislation to come should help open up working opportunities to 'third-country' spouses. She also reminds employers that it's a legal obligation to register their job openings, which will produce a more transparent database from which Luxembourg can also learn where the gaps in the market are, and therefore address them.

HEC Liège Luxembourg

Pratiksha Misra is the Recruiting Manager at HEC Liège Luxembourg and talks about the course opportunities plus links with internships.

Pascal Wiscour-Conter, a Luxembourger who spent the bulk of his career in the USA, returned just before COVID to get his Visa. However, lock-down meant he and his wife ended up 'stuck' here by chance. With this experience, Pascal felt what it is like to be an 'ex-pat' in Luxembourg.

Pascal has brought his vast experience of working with start-ups, being an entrepreneur and writer himself, to teach the Strategic Communications course at HEC Liège Luxembourg, himself being an alumni of the business school in Liège.

International Dual Career Network
International Dual Career Network, or IDCN, is a global non-profit association of companies, NGOs and academic institutions, which works closely with the corporate members to make sure the dual career partners have a successful transition to provide them with networking and development opportunities in Luxembourg.

Zehra Gozukara - the Partner President for IDCN Luxembourg talks about their links with companies such as Amazon, ArcelorMittal, British Chamber of Commerce, European Investment Bank, European Stability Mechanism, Ferrero, PwC,Vodafone, University of Luxembourg and HEC Liège Luxembourg.

Zehra herself benefitted from linking with IDCN when she moved to Luxembourg as a trailing spouse.

Polo Club Luxembourg

Erick Lauro and Pablo Casero come to the studio laden with polo shirts and paraphernalia. Erick started polo aged 60 at his daughter's insistence. She is now herself one of the best polo players in the country aged just 16, competing all over Europe.

Pablo Casero started polo aged 11 in his homeland Argentina and has travelled the world playing and teaching polo since the age of 18. Now with his own two children, aged 5 and 1, they are already on horses!

Join Erick and Pablo at the 10 year anniversary of Polo Club Luxembourg's annual Summer Polo Rendez-Vous on 7, 8 and 9 July. It will be a weekend of polo, food, sublime entertainment and great company.

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