Education and Wine Culture Enjoy


This week on the Lisa Burke Show, Lisa catches up with Alain Massen, Ulrik Møller and Nathalie Neiers.

Parents groups in Education

Alain Massen, President of the National Parents’ Representation in Luxembourg since 2020, and Ulrik Møller, President of the Parents Association International School Michel Lucius Primary School, join me to talk about the importance of the parents’ voice in the Luxembourg school system.

Alain speaks of the need for a partnership between parents and teachers, how this dialogue can only improve the educational situation for all children living in and coming to Luxembourg. As a father of four, plus a practising psychotherapist, he knows the great benefits of communication to get the best results.

Alain is also father to a child who attends a specialised school for children with hearing impairment. Mr. Massen talks about the requirement of parents to get involved in order to make the system better for the variety of children who live in Luxembourg.

Ulrik Møller attended the European School in Luxembourg and, as a parent of three, is actively involved in the educational landscape of Luxembourg. Ulrik wants to increase the competitiveness of Luxembourg by fostering the best education for the next generation of our citizens of the world.

Wine Culture Enjoy

Nathalie Neiers from Visit Moselle talks to us about the upcoming Wine Culture Enjoy event. Nathalie describes the Moselle region and the on-going events to be enjoyed in that region throughout the year.

The Moselle region of Luxembourg is highly valuable as a tourist attraction for Luxembourg, where the variety of cycling, hiking, camping, and enjoying the wine region can be enjoyed.