Sven Clement and Djuna Bernard


Today's political interviewees come from the Pirate Party and The Greens, and join me with Sasha Kehoe from Today Radio.

Sven Clement and Djuna Bernard were both the youngest people elected to parliament at different times.

Sven possibly has the best website domain name in Luxembourg:, and is highly active across all social media, including Tictok. In 2009, Sven co-founded the Pirate Party in Luxembourg and became its first President. Amongst other things he is a successful entrepreneur with the launch of with Jerry Weyer.

Elected to the Chamber in 2018, Sven is highly committed to citizen participation, transparency in the Chamber and digitization.

Djuna Bernard is co-president of the Green Party and has been a member of the Chamber of Deputies since December 2018. Djuna replaced Sam Tanson, when she became Housing and Culture Minister, making her the youngest deputy in the Chamber at 26 years old.

As we talk through the way in which the election takes place, plus some news of the week with Sasha Kehoe, both Djuna and Sven give us their opinion with conviction, pointing to the 'disagreeing agreeably' method of discussion.