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Circu Li-ion return to talk about their growing success, plus Videobot co-founder Matias Mäenpää.

After a review of the week's news with my colleague Sasha Kehoe, this week's show features two young companies: Circu Li-ion and Videobot.

Circu Li-ion

I first met Circu Li-ion co-founders in September 2022. In just over one year they have grown their team, secured seed funding of 8.5 million euros and deepened their business acumen through various prestigious acceleration programmes. Circu Li-ion's tagline is to maximise the value of each battery, securing the greatest potential from all the intrinsic components, which is good for the environment and also economical.

Co-founders Antoine Welter and Dr. Xavier Kohll still have the same drive and ambition to do work that has purpose for the world we live in today. Their company aims to recycle, as successfully as possible, batteries and their components which, up until recently, were shredded after their initial life cycle.

They have participated in acceleration programmes such as the Shell Startup Engine, NVIDIA, Intel Liftoff and NYU Frontier Labs. Recognition for their new technology has come in the form of accolades including the Startup World Cup Regionals, Top 10 Company Battery Value Chain at Energy Tech Challengers and Top Pitching Company at Raw Material Venture Forum. They also received a prestigious EIC grant.

Circu Li-ion's goal is to recycle three billion batteries by 2035. They aim to develop the world's largest battery recycling database amongst other practices. The team is growing in Luxembourg, Berlin and Karlsruhe.

Circu Li-ion are a terrific example of bringing deep tech from academia to commercialisation.


Serial entrepreneur Matias Mäenpää is now working on his latest project: Videobot. A Luxembourg-Finnish SaaS start-up, Videobot aims to reshape the internet via video rather than text; to merge short videos and chatbots to deepen customer engagement.

Founded in 2022 by Anssi Kiviranta and Matias Mäenpää, both with extensive digital growth and SaaS company experience, Videobot already has 200 customers in 15 countries.

Videobot’s mission is to transform the way companies interact with their audiences, driving the evolution of online engagement via immersion where fully video-based websites are the norm.

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