54. Meet the British Ladies Club

54. Meet the British Ladies Club

Luxembourg's British Ladies Club brings together an international community of women and their families, raising money for charities and organising events.

It's not easy moving country as a trailing spouse, and it's often the mother / wife who trails, with or without children, but usually with no ready make network of friends or work colleagues. That's where clubs like the British Ladies Club of Luxembourg (BLC) help. Indeed there are very established women's groups of this ilk around the world. One sometimes wonders what's on offer for men in similar positions.

When Victoria Hodgson arrived in 2014 with her two young boys, she pushed herself to join all sorts of clubs and is now Chair of the BLC, helping others to integrate with the knowledge of how it feels.

"I do like the feel of a paper page" says Victoria as we chat about the monthly newsletter and why so many didn't want to go wholly digital; also alluding to her former life as a librarian.

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