67. "The smallest things, in the end, are the biggest"

67. "The smallest things, in the end, are the biggest"

If you had one more day to enjoy life, what would you wish for?

Ambulance Wish, Ambulanz Wonsch, https://www.ambulanzwonsch.lu/about-us/, is going to be launched in Luxembourg 22 January 2022 at the Dutch Embassy.

The idea of Ambulance Wish was created by the Dutch Ambulance Driver, Kees Veldboer. One day, with a bit of time to spare, Kees asked his bedridden patient Mario, who had been a seaman, if there was anything he'd like to do.

"I'd love to see the harbour one more time". And so Kees took him there.
"Would you like to sail again?" Kees asked Mario. Well of course, Mario replied, but I now need a stretcher. Kees made it happen. And so the idea of the Ambulance Wish was born, which grew into Stiching Ambulance Wens, https://www.ambulancewens.nl/en, in the Netherlands. It has now spread to 16 countries and is about to be launched in Luxembourg.

Through this conversation with Karen van Hout, we learn that it's the smallest things in life which mean the most to us in the end. It seems that our roots and nature are intrinsic to our deepest wants and final wishes.

"Adding life to days" was Kees Veldboer's mantra.

Ambulanz Wonsch’s mission is to give people who are in end-of-life care and bedridden, the resources, specialist transport and medical support they need to fulfil their final wishes.
The service is entirely donor-funded and staffed by medically trained health care professionals who volunteer their time.

They have their own, purpose-built ambulance, focussed on comfort, with a soft mattress, pillows and a duvet. It’s equipped with shuttered windows so that the patient can look outside, enjoy the view, but cannot be seen.

My Guest:

Karen van Hout has a 17-year background in healthcare, volunteering and in professional roles. She is the owner of Of Wood and co-founder of the Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group in Luxembourg.

Through her work, she met Yvette, the person with whom the idea of Ambulanz Wonsch actually started.

Ambulanz Wonsch - Social Media:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ambulanzwonsch/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ambulanzwonsch/
Twitter https://twitter.com/AmbulanzWonsch
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/ambulanzwonsch/

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