21. Lisa Burke, Melissa Dalton & Sam Steen - RTL Today Radio

21. Lisa Burke, Melissa Dalton & Sam Steen - RTL Today Radio

Térence Jarosz hosts Lisa Burke, Melissa Dalton and Sam Steen from RTL Today Radio to talk about Ireland and Irish as a Gaelic language.

From Ireland, their native country, to Luxembourg, Lisa, Melissa and Sam explain what Irish language.

They share also their views on the use of English in Luxembourg.

RTL Today Radio, launched recently, addresses now to a community and audience of native and non-native English speakers in the Grand-Duchy and beyond.

All along the discussion, the question remains how English, as a global language, is cohabiting in Luxembourg, a multilingual society with three official languages.

« Vous avez comme un accent », a podcast on multilingualism and languages in Luxembourg is usually in French.

For the St Patrick’s Day, enjoy this special podcast in English, also by trying to learn some Irish words, and, of course, better to listen to it by savouring a pint of Irish stout...


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