'A Psych for Sore Minds' & LUkraine Calling


Dr Sohom Das, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist in London; Nicolas Zharov & Inna Yaremenko from LUkraine and Sasha Kehoe from RTL Today Radio chat to Lisa Burke.

A Psych for Sore Minds

Dr. Sohom Das is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and YouTuber based in London.

His works focuses on offenders with severe mental illness. Sohom assesses and rehabilitates mentally disordered offenders in prisons, courts and in special secure psychiatric units, such as Broadmoor Hospital - reserved for the most dangerous and violent mentally ill patients.

He is also an experienced expert witness, who regularly provides evidence on defendants in Criminal Court, including the Old Bailey.

In this conversation, Sohom opens up about some of the most extreme cases he has had to deal with as a psychiatrist and expert witness. Does a defendant ever fake mental illness? How would one know?

Why does the mind react with psychotic episodes when under extreme stress? Does mental illness remove criminal responsibility.

Dr. Das is clear in his role as having to assist the court and not to decree judgement.

It seems that most psychiatric conditions have a nature and nurture element. And yet, there are certain triggers such as alcohol and drugs in teenage years. Life traumas exacerbates risk, although individuals have different resilience to trauma.

And sadly with mental health issues there can be a social drift downwards as people can find themselves in and out of prison, isolated and marginalised.

Ukraine is calling!

Nicolas Zharov and Inna Yaremenko from LUkraine continue to work unfailingly to provide for Ukrainian refugees in Luxembourg and those remaining in the country.

In Luxembourg, they have set up a Saturday school to help all Ukrainian children here.

They have been actively collecting for 112 rescue vehicles to send to Ukraine and the first convoy will leave on 21 December, including 8 ambulances donated by CGDIS.

Aside from this there is another project running: Generators of Life, to help provide much needed heat and electricity during this period of extreme cold when many areas in Ukraine do not have heating or electricity.

With Dr. Das we also talk of the psychological effects of such on-going trauma.

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