What's happening in the housing market?


After a reflection of the week's news with Sasha, Lisa talks to CEO of atHome Group Soufiane Saadi, and Antoine Paccoud and Julien Licheron, researchers from LISER.

As we recorded this show on 17 March, firstly, we wish you all Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Secondly, 18 March is Sasha's birthday, so we all wish her a wonderful birthday weekend.

And now to the week's reflection of the news.

Sasha and I discuss St. Patrick's Day celebrations across Luxembourg and beyond.
You can find out what's going on over the weekend with Comhaltas Luxembourg, the Irish Club of Luxembourg, Eirelux and The Black Stuff.

The Gaelic Sports Club of Luxembourg is often featured on our 'sister' show, Letz Talk Sport.

It's the 20 year anniversary on March 20th of the Iraq War. What have we learned since?

The banking sector is going through the worst crisis since 2008 with Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Swisse making the news this week.

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg has downplayed a newspaper report suggesting his wife, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, had a verbal altercation with staff over a lack of support with her wardrobe. He said that the newspaper story which appeared in the Lezteburger Land was not 100% accurate and speculations were made.

Food features in our chat as we discuss bad eating habits in Luxembourg! On the opposite side of things, we also discuss Michelin starred restaurants here. The latest version of the AI chatbot, GPT4 is out and it can give you recipes from photos of food!

The Luxembourg Housing Market

Perhaps the most talked about topic in Luxembourg - house prices.

Today will be the first in a series of shows I will cover on what's happening to the housing market at this time, with interest rates rising.

My guests are Soufiane Saadi, CEO of atHomeGroup; Antoine Paccoud and Julien Licheron, both researchers from LISER.

There is so much to discuss when it comes to why the housing market is as it is here in Luxembourg that we just being in this episode. There will be two more in the coming two months and if you have any questions you would like to put to our guests please send them in!

Soufiane talks about the trends they have seen on atHome.lu with prices, supply and demand for buyers, sellers and renters.

Antoine talks passionately about the broader structure of the Luxembourg housing market, with specific focus on the ownership of land, construction companies, fiscal policies which have made it extremely attractive to invest in property, the lack of social housing, land tax (up to now it's been very cheap to hold onto land), inheritance tax and so much more.

Julien discusses the changes observed since 2017 and the acceleration in the growth of housing prices before the recent stagnation over the last 9 months. We discuss rental issues and what we might expect medium to long term in order to get back on track.

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