Hotel and Tourism School of Luxembourg plus the Summer Space Festival


A packed agenda for this week's show with the Director of EHTL plus teachers, and what's coming up for the Summer Space Festival next weekend!

The Hotel and Tourism School of Luxembourg, EHTL, is gaining an increasing reputation for success as it builds a portfolio of excellence in teaching. The director, Michel Lanners, talks about the philosophy of the school and its offerings to students aged 14 all the way up into adulthood and new career choices.

Carlo Cravat, fourth generation of the Grand Hotel Cravat family, is one of the professionals who adds his experience to the teaching agenda. So too does David Edwards, who has worked all around the world in the restaurant and hotel business.

As we talk, the widespread nature of what hospitality means becomes apparent. This genre includes all of the obvious contenders, plus restaurants in care homes or food on airplanes.

The image of those who go into the hotel and restaurant business is not always of the highest calibre, but EHTL and its teaching staff underline their purpose - to produce managers, who have enormously versatile skills which can be transferred to so many different industries.

David Edwards is particularly keen to talk about the strong business and finance part of the EHTL BTS, where compulsory internships are also a large part of the teaching curriculum. "They leave as students and return as adults."

We all felt the importance of the horesca sector during Covid times, and EHTL is a centrepoint of excellence to train those in Luxembourg in this field.

Summer Space Festival

The third edition of the Summer Space Festival will take place for the first time ever in Luxembourg this year.

On Friday 5 May at Abbaye de Neimënster there will be workshops for space professionals and students to talk about all the various careers available in the space industry, plus much more. Registration is required for the Friday event.

Saturday 6 May is open to the public and will free to enter with loads of activities, including astronauts and even Jedis! (Did you know about the 'Academy of the Force' in Metz?!

We end by chatting about food in space - did you know it tastes different?! And, as ever, that brings a union of conversation between both sets of guests this week!